How To Sell Online Courses
How to sell online courses - do it yourself or put your feet up and have it done for you, the choice is yours...
How To Sell Online Courses

Let’s Start At The Beginning

Before we look at how to sell online courses, let’s go on a journey.  Think back to March 2020.

It’s safe to say that the world we knew would soon be changed forever.  

At the time, Skills Shop was an in-person health and safety training company.  BUT, within 4 weeks of the first lockdown, we’d taken our in-person conflict management training and transformed it into an online course.

And 6 month later…

We’d taken most of our popular health and safety training courses online.  Not to mention, allowing our clients to choose how their training is now delivered.  OnDemand, Online or OnSite)

“How Do I Sell Courses Online?”

This was the specific question I got asked back in January 2021.

During our zoom conversation, I was asked two key questions:

“Who did your website?” and”How do I sell courses online”

The first answer is straight forward…me!

Having studied IT as part of my degree.  And then managing a database for an online shopping company for over 8 years, tech comes naturally to me.

This can annoy my wife who can spend hours trying to get something to work.  And then I come along and fix it within minutes.

So What About Selling Courses Online?…

It was the second question that has taken my business in a new direction.

Today I spend my time living the stunning Lake District (UK) helping other corporate trainers sell courses online.

Together with the our groundbreaking Triple S Process, trainers and coaches are able to launch their online courses with ease.

This is thanks to Jane Bayler and her Ideal Client Success programme.

How Skills Shop’s Course Builder Can Help You

If you’ve ever spent countless nights scouring the internet.  Looking at course platforms and watching YouTube videos.  Only to be become confused with all the options.  You’ve probably come to the following conclusions:

You don’t want to host your courses on a shared, crowded marketplace.Neither do you want to undersell your expertise in order to compete against someone else.  Or worst still… increase your course prices to pay admin fees.Finally, you don’t want to be governed by someone else’s terms and conditions that could affect your business in the future.

This is why Skill’s Shop ‘Course Builder’ could be right for you.

But What If You Want To Do It Yourself?

You may be a tech wizard and already have a hosting platform.  But how many times have you had the good intentions to finally get your course live just for something else to crop up in your business?

That slide deck you created is still buried in a folder on your computer, collecting virtual dust.

Each day, that new revenue stream you and your family could be enjoying is drying up.

To get out of the “how to sell your course online” drought, there’s an easier way.

Done For You Service (Recommended)

At Skills Shop, we can help build courses and funnels within your own eco-system.

This is a bespoke service specifically designed to meet your needs.

We simply go in, build out the tech and exit leaving you to market and sell your products  online.

So if you’re at the stage that you have your course materials.   And are simply wondering how to sell your courses online, why not click here to book a no obligation demonstration of Skills Shop, to see if this is the perfect solution you’ve been searching for.

Sell Courses Online

Unlock your potential and reach a global audience by selling your courses online with ease.

With our service, course building becomes hassle-free and requires no technical ability

sell courses online

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