How To Create A Course Online
How To Create A Course Online

How to create a course online is a question I often get asked by other trainers and coaches.

Maybe the reason why you’re here and want to get a course online is because:

• You feel trapped like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.   Each time you deliver the exact same course, you’re finding it more of a chore to keep the content fresh.  Or;

• Maybe you found yourself always away on business effectively living out of a hotel room 5 days a week.  And this is beginning to put  a real strain on your relationship with your spouse and kids. Where’s the work-life balance gone as you sit in another traffic jam feeling guilty for missing yet another soccer practice! Or;

• You’ve subscribed to a membership platform that has promised to easily get your courses online but creating a profile, messing with the settings to match your brand and trying to figure out how to build your course is taking so much time!  So you decide to put it all on the back burner while you carry on as normal.  All the time wasting money on a monthly subscription.  Or;

• Maybe you’ve looked into creating a course online before to only get frustrated and overwhelmed at the choice out there.  Most want to become digital course creators without the frustration of mastering complex tech.   Everyone seems to be offering a shared marketplace in which to sell your course.  The only problem is everyone is competing on price.  Giving away their course more or less for free.  When your expertise and knowledge is worth so much more.

Do any of these resonate with you?

If so, then now is your time to create a course online.

But you may still be thinking…

“How Do I Start To Create A Course Online?”

Research, research, research!

It’s said that everyone has a course in them.

If you’re constantly teaching someone the same skill over and over again then this could be a great opportunity to create a course online.

But is there a need?

Google what your course is about and if you find there are a not a lot of results…

Then the chances are there isn’t a high enough demand for what you want to teach.

If on the other hand your search results bring back pages of results then there is clearly a market for your skill.

Your Next Step To Creating A Course Online

Once you have an idea on what your course is about it’s time to gain clarity.

When the pandemic took hold in March 2020, some trainers and coaches who delivered in-person training panicked.

Rather than panic I decided to use my IT skills to transform my in-person conflict management training into an OnDemand course.  And I managed to do this within 4 weeks.

Furthermore, the course is hosted on my own wordpress website.  So no paying monthly subscription fees or driving traffic to someone else’s website.

The thing I was most delighted with was that my clients were now able to continue gaining the skills and confidence to performs their duties at work at a time that worked for them.

It was during this time that trainers and coaches managed to find me on LinkedIn to see if I could help them.

The Quick Fix To Getting Your Course Online

If you have course content and are committed to easily getting your course online so you can increase your income and impact, freeing up your time for the people and things you care about most…. Then I’d love to grab a virtual coffee to see whether we’re a perfect match.

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